Being in my body with awareness is my practice.  While creativity and spontaneity sustain my passion for movement.  The latest journey brings me to curiously studying the embryogenesis and developmental stages.  The embodiment of our whole system beginnings brings ease, effortlessness, suppleness, agility and strength.  Sharing and teaching about the embodiment is truly a joy!  In my free time I enjoy meditating, reading, creating, learning languages and different cultures, traveling, gardening, hiking, being in the nature and spending time with my husband, Mark, and daughters, Natasha and Ariana.


  1. Taekwondo Martial Artist, studied the art of discipline and meditation at the Lithuanian Taekwondo Federation with Tomas Lagunavicius from 1989 to 1994

  2. Certified Stott Mat Pilates Instructor

  3. ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  4. Functional Anatomy, Injuries and Special Populations with Melanie Byford Young, PT. 

  5. Postural Analysis with Jean Leavenworth, M.S. 

  6. Myofascial release for lower back, hip and shoulder clinics with Sue Brantley.

  7. Advanced Tubing Workout and Assisted Stretching with Lisa Garrity, M.A. 

  8. Training the Core for Special Populations with Steve Bannerot, M.A.

  9. Nia Teacher Training, Creative Dance Movement Intensive with Debbie and Carlos Rosas.

  10. Kaiser Permanente Program: YogaStretch instructor.

  11. SilverSneakers Program by Kaiser Permanente: Cardio Circuit, Muscular Strength and Range of Movement for Seniors with Deborah Redder.

  12. Balance and Gait, American Council of Exercise Certification Course.

  13. Boot Camp A to Z with Alex McMillan.

  14. The Science of Fat Metabolism with Sherri McMillan.

  15. Eating for Maximum Energy and Fat Loss with Sherri McMillan.

  16. Stretch and Strengthen with Alex McMillan.

  17. Optimal Muscle Training with Ken Kinakin.

  18. Sculpting Her Body Perfect with Brad Schoenfeld.

  19. Healing Hands, Bowenwork technique, 4 hour introductory workshop with Pratiti Fullerton.

  20. Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate with LindaChristy Weiler, Academy of Holistic Fitness

  21. End Back and Neck Pain, course offered through Exercise ETC.

  22. Pilates Anatomy, course offered through Exercise ETC.

  23. Strength Band Training, course offered through Exercise ETC.

  24. Guiding Yoga’s Light, course offered through Exercise ETC.

  25. Embody Embryogenesis, Body-Mind Centering with Mary Lou Seereiter RSMET